Steelheart Skies

A mountain is the same as a man: Cut out its heart and it falls.

Steelheart Skies combines high-flying adventure with steampunk fantasy. The Thousand Isles is a collection of floating islands scattered across the Sea of Clouds. Airships ply the skyways and down below the cloud cover miners and artisans make the necessary tools of life above on the edge of volcanoes and shifting lava flows. Some have only known life between the islands, raised on these merchant vessels and owing allegiance to no lords and masters. Steelheart Skies is a blend of Age of Sail pirate tropes with anime fantasy in the form of The Resonance, a mystic path that lets its practitioners feel the echoes of important events through time. With training, a skilled cantor can even change the pitch and rhythm of current events, disrupting the scene around them. Dangerous bandits lurk in the Sea of Clouds among the roving sky serpents, some of whom are large enough to swallow an airship whole.

Additional information is available in the Steelheart Skies Primer, suitable for one-shots and campaign inspiration until more information is publicly available.