Running on Empty

My granddad used to tell me, when I was a kid, about a time when we didn’t have the sunlights. When we actually had a real sun shining on us, and a million stars, and other planets in the sky. The air was a clear blue, and everybody walked around in the warm season with it just streaming down on them. And that they hated it. How hot it was, how bright it was…

 Careful what you wish for, I guess.

Running on Empty is a post-apocalyptic fantasy set in a world gone Dark. Since the sun stopped shining, humanity has built walls around the remaining cities and turned them into armored Citadels that rule over the surrounding countryside. But dangers lurk beyond the edge of what passes for civilization and it falls on riders to brave the darkness to deliver goods and information between these islands of humanity. Things often take a turn for the Weird when you get too far out…


Tales from the Road: This adaptation of Stephen Dewey’s Ten Candles lets you run the grim tragedies Ten Candles is known for in the Running on Empty universe. A primer for the setting and more than 50 vehicle quirks are included in the download.


RoE Cover Big

Running on Empty: Preacher and Ghost: Jordon Quattlebaum’s story series follows a pair of hired couriers, Preacher and Ghost, as their job goes through twists, turns, and surprise encounters when what they’re offered seems too good to be true…

The series is currently out of print, but we’re working on getting it back online when we have new distribution figured out.