Find Your Story.

We’re interested in breaking down some of the assumptions about what games have to be about, or how they get played at the table. Each of our adventures and games wrestles with a core concept: what if an entire Fate game was told in flashback? What if revealing secrets was a major mechanical effect? Can you build character creation just from custom card draws? And our settings are all about something as well: What world necessitates airship travel? How does society continue in perpetual darkness in the post-apocalypse? How do you define yourself when the world has forgotten who you are?

Games, like a lot of media, should still be about something. Our background is in theatre and we also design tabletop board and card games, so we’re keen to explore the intersection between rules and story, and what you can read into the gaps between the two.

Thank you for taking a look at what we have to offer.

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