Each entry in a Nerdhaus Game is in a world by itself… or are all these worlds connected somehow? There are going to be a number of settings for the Nerdhaus family of games, crossing among board games, strategy games, and roleplaying games. Each new release will fit into our expanding universe of story settings or add a new one.

  • Badlands: Generations ago, the world got burned. Now, survivor tribes have to make their own rules scavenging the corpse of the Old World. Raiders and mutants make life a dangerous one for these leaders who can keep their bands together and make a new world in their own image.
  • Cabal: Mars teeters on the brink of war and megacorporate factions are seeking to take advantage. As the Martian populace falls into chaos, these factions work their agendas through their modified agents, taking control and steering the future of Mars to their own ends. Featuring: Cabal, the cyberpunk strategy board game.
  • Forgotten: The only constant is change. But what happens when the world you knew and the one you inhabit now have changed dramatically overnight? You could have sworn that election went the other way, or that actress died ten years ago… Or that your partner’s name was something else. What does it mean that you remember a different world and that the difference between you and everyone else is manifesting itself in increasingly dangerous ways?
  • Running on Empty: Eighty years after the sun stopped rising, folks have walled themselves into Citadels to stand against the beasts in the dark, some of whom are human. Rider crews soup up aging cars and ply the highways between, ferrying goods & information and discovering secrets in between the Citadels and settlements in a world gone dark. Featuring: Jordon Quattlebaum’s story collection, and the Ten Candles ghost story scenarios Tales from the Road.
  • Steelheart Skies: Adventure awaits between the islands in the sky, with monstrous sky serpents hunting the Sea of Clouds below when pirate and merchant crews take to the air in Steelheart Skies! Whether you were born below the Sea among the volcanoes and miners or free and easy among the crew of a airship, your destiny is across the Sea among the echoes of the great heroes who have come before you.
  • Untamed Suburbia: Players take on the role of animals, both pet and primal, to work together on issues within their suburban community. Yards back up to fields or streams, small pockets of trees hide deer and other wild animals, and household pets have some significant freedom during their days (and nights, if they don’t come home for dinner!).

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