Heist: Masterminds

Your rivals issued a challenge: Who among you is the biggest name in international thievery? You have to gather a crew, get moving, and make a name for yourself. Without risk, there can be no reward. Keep in mind: “Honor among thieves” is really more of a suggestion.

Players assume the role of a criminal mastermind in the fast-paced card game for 2-6 players, evaluating the heist opportunities presented to them and collecting a team of fellow ne’er-do-wells to help them achieve their goals. Potential jobs are revealed to all players. On their turn, a player must decide if they are going to gather resources, do some legwork on a job, or jump in and steal it. If successful, you gain resources and prestige for accomplishing your task! If you come up short, you gain Heat and run the risk of losing team members to the authorities. Botch enough jobs and you may find your whole crew in jail! Cash is temporary, but glory lives forever.

Heist: Masterminds is crowdfunding this July, with anticipated delivery by March 2023.