Some games exist on their own outside the Nerdhaus Worlds, with few ties that connect them back to the larger story goals. Perhaps a bridge will be built some day, but currently these games are on their own.

BITE: Discover the Monster Within

BITE comes out this October! A social deduction game for 6 to 17 players with options for the moderator/Mayor to play as a role within the game. Visit the BITE page for more information, support material, downloads, and an RPG scenario for use with the Crisis RPG engine.

Heist: A Game of Criminal Intent

Your rivals issued a challenge: who among you is the biggest name in international thievery? You have time to gather a crew, get moving, and make a name for yourself. Without risk, there can be no reward.  Keep in mind: “Honor among thieves” is really more of a suggestion.

Overview: Players assume the role of a criminal mastermind, evaluating the opportunities presented to them and collecting a team of fellow ne’er-do-wells to help them achieve their goals. Possible jobs are revealed to all players. On their turn, a player must decide if they are going to gather resources, do some legwork on a job, or jump in and steal something. If successful, you gain resources and prestige for accomplishing your task! If you come up short, you gain Heat and run the risk of losing team members to the authorities. Botch enough jobs and you may find your whole crew in jail! Cash is temporary, but glory lives forever.

The game plays 2-6 players and runs approximately 20 minutes per player (so a 6 player game may run 1.5-2 hours). Masterminds have full backgrounds in the rulebook and most of the jobs describe actual famous thefts throughout modern times. (Details have been changed to protect the less-than-innocent)

Heist is currently in public playtest, with an intended Kickstarter campaign planned for Summer 2019. Possible expansions include Heist: Champion City which would expand the world to include superheroes, villains, and mad science. Future expansions may include additional genres, like chrono-themed masterminds who can steal items throughout history and add a Time difficulty, or a Rivals expansion that ups the interaction between players, pitting them head-to-head to compete for jobs, and adding more cards to block or disrupt your rival’s plans. It would also include a mechanic for alliances and cards to support cutting deals with other players (or leverage to force them to agree to one!).

Public playtests are held at gaming and comic conventions in and around Kansas City, MO. As additional copies are available for playtesting, we will let you know via mailing list. Sign up at the Contact Form to put your name in for future playtest opportunities.