It’s currently a fact of the design process that I don’t have product on shelves for you to buy. I know, it’s tough for me, too. As such, the only way you can currently play a Nerdhaus Game is to be one of my personal friends (which you are welcome to attempt) or to see me at a gaming convention. I try to make myself available at events, but there are a bunch just in the Kansas City area! If you have an event that you think our brand of gaming is a good fit for, please contact us with the form on our Contact page. We also make house calls, if you have a store or gaming group that is interested in giving our games or adventures a try.

We make regular appearances at both KantCon and Midwest GameFest. In fact, we’ve had sessions available at the following events:

  • KantCon 2019 (July 19-21): While the schedule of events is still being determined, Nerdhaus will be a vendor and have a booth at the event. There will likely be a BITE game, an improv workshop, and sessions of Heist.
  • Midwest GameFest 2018 (November): Jamie played in a number of sessions, and debuted an adventure (Rock Chambers & The Forbidden Island) as well as a new RPG, Untamed Suburbia. There were also Heist playtests.
  • Nerdlesque Game Night 2018 (August): Part of the 1st Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival, we repped Patreon downloads, informational flyers, and a Heist playtest.
  • KantCon 2018 (July): The first public rounds of Heist playtests were prominent at this convention, as well as the debut of Forget It, Jake, It’s ToonTown.
  • BITE Event @ Wicked Studios (July): As part of a public event featuring a Goth DJ and a fortune teller, we ran BITE for an eager crowd in downtown Kansas City.
  • KantCon 2017 (July): Cabal playtests and the return of The Pontchartrain Inquisition!
  • KantCon 2016 (July): Cabal playtests.
  • Planet Comicon 2016 (May): Cabal playtests.
  • Midwest GameFest 2015 (November): Cabal playtests and the debut of The Pontchartrain Inquisition. Also, the beginning of the auspicious partnership between Jamie and Matt of The Matt Harrop Collection.
  • KantCon 2015 (July): The public debut of Cabal!


  • Planet Comicon 2019: March 29-31, Kansas City, MO
  • UnderCon 2019: May 24-26, Kansas City, MO
  • KantCon 2019: July 19-21, Overland Park, KS
  • Midwest GameFest 2019: Early November, Kansas City, MO

We’re still putting together our schedule for con season 2019, though it is almost certain that we will have a presence at KantCon in July and Midwest GameFest in November. If you have an event that is a good fit for what we do, please let us know!