Most near-death experiences consist of a warm light, a calming presence, and perhaps the voices of departed loved ones calling you home.

When you died, it wasn’t like that at all. A sudden jolt like dropping awake in bed, ash drifting in a stiff breeze, and something near you peering at the gruesome sight of your demise. The two of you took a moment to process this new reality before it introduced itself. Your Omen, it said. That you should have listened to it that Death was coming. And now there was a job to do.

Boneyard is the new game and setting built around the guides and guardians of the afterlife. There is not a wall between this world and the next, but a road: One side is the life others lead, and the other is where they go when their journey ends. Reapers walk that path, guiding those who would linger among the living to their proper place in the eternal peace. Some spirits go quietly, others have matters they need to resolve, to say nothing of the things that lurk on the border between the quick and the dead.

Gameplay is domino-based, with the players working together to tackle larger missions and splitting off for personal moments that explore a reaper’s relationship to the living world they are no longer a part of and the resting realm of spirits they cannot truly enter. Where you find yourself between mortal and ghost, between the temptations of your Omen and the task at hand… Those answers and the questions that follow can be found in the Boneyard.


You Reap What You Sow: This is a Descended from the Queen game for three players (no GM or facilitator) about reflection, perseverance, and regrets. Each player is one facet of a greater whole, ripped from their peers by their untimely demise. Wrestling with the questions of the life you had, you are solving the mystery of your own death, all the while staying one step ahead of Death’s agents who would rather you went quietly into that good night. This introduction to the setting does not use the domino-based Boneyard system.

Boneyard Early Peek Playtest: This stripped-down playtest/demo version of the Boneyard setting and system will be available soon to let players build their stories around their experiences across the Shroud. This will be a living demo, with regular updates to reflect the evolving design process. The first look at the game is still being written, but feel free to reach out and ask how it’s going!