Heist: Masterminds is Funded!

We Did It!

More specifically, you did. The call came in, a number you hadn’t heard from in years, and asked if you were ready for One. Last. Job. So buckle in, brush off your skills, and remember what it was like when you could take anything you wanted and disappear back into the crowd, a legend whispered about in both criminal and Interpol circles.

And the crowdfunding. Definitely the crowdfunding. We made it over the finish line and squeezed in a victory lap in those last few days, unlocking the deluxe box printing, upgraded token shapes, and deluxe How-To Video. There’s some work ahead of us to finish up the last of the art (just a couple of Gear cards, honestly) and sort out some questions regarding box art dimensions, rulebook pages, etc. but the game is ready. You can check it out on our Tabletopia page and play the most up-to-date version of the game and rules. As we finish new cards, it’ll end up there before we can get the physical games into your hands. There’s going to be the usual brief delay between the end of the campaign and when we get the funds from Gamefound, but once we’ve got everything in hand we’ll start checking off boxes with our printer and begin bringing Heist to life in its final, physical form.

This is an incredibly exciting moment for me. I imagine it’s also something you’re jazzed about or you wouldn’t have helped make it happen (but I don’t want to speak for you). So all I will say to close out this End of Campaign update is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, and that you’re going to love it when we hand it to you.

Talk to you soon.