Heist Crowdfunding Preparations

You’re never completely prepared for something like your first crowdfunding effort. I’ve spent years reading blog posts and guides about how to do this, and felt like I’d been investing an appropriate amount of time and effort into making things happen, but staring down the seeming immensity of what comes next, and knowing just how much I don’t know about the reality of it… It’s daunting y’all. Not going to lie.

Which is not to say that there isn’t something really fun about the possibilities that lie ahead. If nothing else, I’ll have learned a lot and been forced to grow as a creative and as an entrepreneur. I’m thankful for the support that has gotten me this far and I’m excited to build a community around our shared love of daring raids against well-secured, extremely valuable items.

Among the promo shots for this new cover style.

The Heist: Masterminds page has been added to the site, and will be the main hub for the game once the crowdfunding effort has passed. I’m eager to share the campaign preview with you, but there’s still some odds and ends to sort out when it comes to that side of things. The game, not forgotten in the midst of all this, continues to be a project that I am very, very proud of and look forward to sharing with all of you when I have more than six of them to loan around.